Friday, July 1, 2011

A fun full week!

So we have now found our favorite place to visit....the Anchorage Museum. We bought a family pass so we can go as often as we would like. The part the kids love is the Imaginarium. This space as activities for both Qyanna and Jackson. The main part has different science exhibits set up for kids to try. By now Jackson has tried them all!!! 
Jackson doing one of the exp
Then there is the TOTE room. This room is set up for 5 and younger. There is a train, water table setup with a glacier, mountain in the middle, and boat and whales to play with. There is a Tree house to climb and play in. and totes full of different hands on activities. It is a great space. The kids just have a blast!

Qyanna at the water table

Jackson even enjoys the water table

Jackson is trying to get the ball to roll into the tray...Qyanna just wants to eat the ball.

In the tree house...Qyanna didn't like it much

My little mountain climber!

Qyanna LOVES the water table

We have also been loving going to the public library. We head over at 10:30 for a story time for Qyanna's age, then read a few books in the library. Then we go outside and eat lunch on their beautiful lawn. Jackson plays with other kids who's families are doing the same thing as us. Then at 2 there is something going on for Jackson's age. This week there was a children's magician. Jackson just loved it....He was laughing so hard at the funny parts and amazing at the parts he was supposed to be amazing. We check out books and we all have been enjoying reading at home. The kids their books and me on my kindle. ( I am hopelessly in love with it!)
Jackson playing

So we have been encouraging Qyanna to walk. She is happy to walk if we are holding her hands. So is fast crawling, and she walks on her is very funny. She is also terrified of grass. She will walk (holding my hand) in the grass but she will not crawl or sit in it. I guess we spent too much time in the bush with her. This is a video of her walking on her knees...soo cute.
This week has been a movie week. I saw three movies, Luke and the kids saw two. Wednesday we went to the $1 kids movie that the local theater is doing and saw Fury Vengeance. Then Thursday night I got a well deserved night out and saw Something Borrowed. I have been wanting to see it. I read the book and the sequel to it. Today we went and saw Cars 2. I enjoyed Cars 2.

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