Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July

Well overall it was a good fourth of July. We got up and went to watch the parade that Anchorage has. It was a good parade. Then we went home and had lunch and rested up. Fireworks in our neck of the woods happen at midnight. So both kids went down for naps/rest time. Then we had pizza for dinner and went to Barnes and Noble to check on a book for Luke. The kids had a blast playing and looking at books in the kid section. You can tell we go to the library every week. Then we drove up to Eagle River. I thought that they did fireworks at midnight...well, they did the fireworks at 12:01 am July 4....so basically the day before...we missed it by a full day. So we drove back to Anchorage and asked around was was told that fireworks are normally done over the water at midnight, so we heading to one of the parks and walked down to this lovely place and set up to watch fireworks. Jackson and I played some card games, Luke read. Then Qyanna took her first steps independent of someone holding her hands. As midnight hit...no fireworks...then we hear the big firework booms about a mile way at one of the parks in town. I guess they changed the location of the fireworks this year. So we didn't get to see fireworks. *very sad face* At least we had a nice night together as a family. Here are pictures of our fun day.

The kids in front of a Statue of Liberty balloon

Luke and Jackson waiting for "fireworks"

Qyanna waiting for "fireworks"

"I'm king of the rock!!!"

Luke and I

This was about 12 midnight

Can you believe how bright it is at midnight?

These are Qyanna's first steps....soo dang cute. 

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