Sunday, July 17, 2011

Another fun filled week...

We have had another good week. Luke had Mondays and Tuesdays off work. So Monday we drove over to the Alaska Wild Berry Park. They have a 20 ft chocolate fountain, a rock man, and reindeer that you can pet. Tuesday we went and saw a movie at the $1 movie special. Wednesday I got a call from Arc of Anchorage to come in and interview for a job position on Thursday. I took the kids to the museum. Jackson loves going to the museum. The interview went well on Thursday...I think that I will get the job, but still no grantee. After the interview I took the kids to park. While at the park I got a call for an interview for a teaching position. The interview is on Monday.   Friday we hiked around Earthquake Park. There is a beautiful view of the inlet! The kids had fun. Today we did some of the activities downtown Anchorage. We took the trolley to the Ulu Factory. We tried to look for some salmon in the river behind the factory. Then we took some fun pictures around 4th Street.

Jackson on a hill on the trail 

Jackson and Qyanna looking at the inlet.

Jackson and Qyanna at the Ulu Factory...they had a dog sled out front.

Jackson in front of the trolley

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bear hug

Riding a moose...

The kids in front of the Balto statue.

Jackson looking scared on a dog sled.

The rock man

Jackson feeding the reindeer.

Qyanna was curious, but didn't want to touch them. 

Bear attacking the boys....

...then the girls.

I do believe that the bear is bigger than Jackson.

Chocolate waterfall...

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