Sunday, March 25, 2012

More random fun pictures

So here are some more random and fun pictures :)

My birthday cake and some daffodils that I got for the first day of spring

Qyanna's room....cuteness
The elevator doors at the huh
Fire and Rain...sooo cool



Pinewood Derby

Well yesterday was Jackson's first pinewood Derby. He had a good time. He did not place, but he won some, lost some, and came in second on some. It was a good time, the leaders did a great job putting it on! Luke and Jackson worked on his car during spring break. It was blue with flames on the hood, very cool looking. So here are some pics and videos of it.

Qyanna wondering around before it started

really cute deserts....they are derby cars

Jackson and 'Flames'

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Random Pictures

So I was going to post this with the Fur Rondy post, but it was getting very long. I decided to do another post with all the random pictures that I have. So here they are :)

Beautiful Sunset from home

Crazy ducks that live near the library....don't they know that they have to fly SOUTH for the winter....

The little bit of unfrozen water

Qyanna found a part of a box that came form Jackson's toy, and wanted to use it as a chair....sooo cute

A very tired Qyanna taking a nap.

Fur Rondy

A few weeks ago we had Fur Rondy. It was A LOT of fun. Fur Rondy is a celebration of dog sled racing. Most of the events are downtown. There are some local dog sled races. Then the next weekend is the start of the Iditarod. We weren't up for going into town for the start of the Iditarod. But we did have fun the first weekend of the rondy. Some of the pictures I took during the week with some of the people I work with.

The first thing we did was the dog sled rides they had set up for the kids. While waiting in line we took some pictures, then I took some of them on the dog sled. The kids loved it. I was told that Qyanna was laughing the whole time. Technically, Qyanna has been in a dog sled before when she went out to a village with me, but it was pulled by a snow machine, not this was different. 

Jackson with a racing dog sled.

Qyanna with a racing dog sled. She was not happy about it.

Getting ready to go....

The dog sled team

Coming back all safe and sound. 
The kids on the dog sled....they had fun! 

We then headed to the carnival. There were several different rides set up, some for older kids/adults, and some for the kids. We got some tickets and let the kids go on some rides. Jackson got to ride the most, because there aren't very many rides for Qyanna's age. But she did get to ride her first carnival ride.
Jackson is the covered face on the edge

Qyanna and mommy riding on a truck ride for little ones.

There we are again...she was all smiles
Jackson riding around in fast circles.

Getting ready to ride the twister....

...and the dragon ride.
Qyanna and Daddy watching Jackson ride the rides.
After the carnival, we needed to warm up. It was in the low 20's that day. We headed into the 5th Ave Mall for some dinner. Then we headed up to Government Hill to watch the fireworks. Qyanna was oooooing and was sooo adorable. 

During the week I was able to take some of the people I work with to see some of the other events. The first one I was able to see was the snow sculptures. There were pretty good. Here are a few of my favorites. 

I was also able to go to the train station, and they have some really cool model trains set up. 
This is the engine that is outside the huh

Thomas charaters
Its Hogwarts

The whole Hogwarts area....sooo cool.

Baseball anyone

A mini Anchorage train station

The last thing that I got to do was participate in a blanket toss....It was sooo much fun! I was just watching when the little girl was going. I was helping with the blanket toss with the women. Someone was nice enough to take pictures for me.