Friday, July 8, 2011

2nd Anniversary

Well today is our second anniversary. I cannot believe how fast two years have just flew by. Jackson and I were talking today about how upset he was that I was marrying HIS daddy. Now he loves that we are funny kids are.

Here is the story on how Luke and I met. When I was in Kotzebue I spent a lot of time in In Aug/Sept I met him in chat. We chatted online a few times then we just stopped talking. In January we starting chatting online again. Then one night he asked if he could just call me. I said yes and from that night on we talked every night on the phone. He would call to wake me up in the morning. I would go to work. He would call me as soon as school was out. We would talk while I set up my classroom for the next day. Then I would walk home, Luke had it timed how long it would take me to get home. He would call me just as I walked into the house. Then we would talk until midnight or so, and start it all again the next day. When school got out for the summer I flew out to MO to meet him. A week and a half after I got there we got engaged. A few weeks later we drove from MO to AZ for my dad's wedding. Then I flew to Europe for three weeks with my mom. Luke, Jackson and I were staying at the cabin enjoying the nice weather. In the beginning of July we drove down to Phoenix to see a D-Back game. On July 7 Luke and I woke up and decided that it was a good day to get married. So I called Amanda and asked her and Ben to meet us at the courthouse, and Luke and I got married. It was nice, no fuss, no mess, we just got married.
waiting to go into the courtroom

Amanda and Ben did this to our truck..cute huh?
getting hitched

its official...we are married

and now you may kiss your bride...

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  1. Luke added this via Facebook: Joseph Luke Abney For the was January 10th that we started talking again, January 11th, I asked if I could call.....May 13th, you arrived in Missouri.