Sunday, January 22, 2012


I finally was able to pull Qyanna's hair into pigtails. It is sooo cute.

She loves coloring

Sunday, January 15, 2012


I have been in a funk for the past few well months....So I thought I would start making a list of things I am thankful for....I am hoping to make a list of 100 things...

I am thankful for...
2. Qyanna
3. Amanda
4. Dad
5. my cousins
6. my aunts and uncles
7. Grandma Clement
8. Jackson
9. Tiffany
10. my friends
11. being patience
12. being a mom
13. being a good listener
14. being able to sing
15. being a good teacher (even if I'm not teaching now)
16. being able to cook
17. being able to bake
18. being a good friend
19. being supportive
20. having integrity
21. Jones Cabin
22. property in Pine
23. Arizona Mountain
24. Nauvoo, IL
25. Southern Colorado
26. The Temple
27. Adams State College
28. My house
29. Alaska
30. Walt Disney World
31. trees
32. river
34. snow
35. rainbows
36. rain (just not in the winter)
37. gardens
38. animals
39. flowers (especial daisies)
40. grass
41. scriptures
42. priesthood
43. that families are forever
44. prayer
45. tithing
46. temple work
47. a living prophet
48. seminary/institute
49. Jesus Christ
50. Joseph Smith
51. having a job
52. Luke having a job
53. having a supportive family
54. having supportive friends
55. having an education
56. having a car
57. having a adventuresome spirit
58. having the ability to raise my children
59. having a wonderful family
60. having roof over my head
61. being able to travel to Canada
62. being able to travel to Mexico
63. being able to travel to UK
64. being able to travel around the US
65. being able to live in Alaska
66. being able to have lived in Colorado
67. being able to have lived in Florida
68. being able to have lived in Arizona
69. being able to have traveled around Arizona
70. being able to travel with my family
71. microwave
72. running water
73. heat
74. stove and oven
75. slow cooker
76. internet
77. computers
78. TV
79. movies
80. books
81. military
82. teachers
83. police
84. firefighters
85. cellphones
86. warm bed
87. eletricty
88. being educated
89. being able to educate my children
90. being able to feed my family
91. being able to take my children to community events
92. raising my children in the gospel
93. happy home to raise my children
94. music
95. a hardworking husband
96. happy and healthy family
97. my happy marriage
98. sunsets
99. sunrises
100. knowing American Sign Language

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ice Gallery, SNOW, and randomness

 Well I haven't updated for a while, so here are the most recent pictures.

Downtown Anchorage does a Ice Gallery every year. I went with some of the people I work with and got these pics of when they were carving them. I think it is very neat.

Train...and you can sit in it....

working on a truck

look at the detail

I am Minnie Mouse
We have been having record breaking about of snow this year. On January 12, we have 8 inches alone, and that was on top of 4 feet that had already fallen this year....Crazy huh? Here are some pictures from our house.

That is our first door....we dont use it, but look at that snow

This is where the trash can goes when its next to the house....The snow is taller than Qyanna

This is the path to our doorway....

Now for some random fun pictures.

The bubble section at the museum....that is a bubble the same height as me....sweet

Jackson and Qyanna watching TV together...sweetness

This is Qyanna dancing...she loves to dance!!