Thursday, May 19, 2011

The land of the midnight sun

So it is past midnight here in good old Kotz, and it looks like it is about 7 out. I know I know I should be in bed and I will be going in a few minutes.

Well the last few days I have been starting to pack the apartment up. I would like to say that we have a lot of stuff but really we don't, but we have gained quite a bit in the past two -three years. Luke is home with his family. He has been working on a motorcycle that we bought.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Just another day....

Today was the first full day that Luke was gone. He got to his parent's place all safe and sound...which is good. I had a normal day at work. Worked with the kids. I picked up Qyanna from the babysitter, we went food shopping. She was so tired that she slept for a while. After she woke up and ate dinner we took a drive around the loop. There is one road in town that goes out on the tundra. It was made to encourage berry picking. At the top of one of the hills I took some pics.

This sign makes me drive on the loop you have to drive across part of the runway for the have to stop and check for planes taking off or landing...only in the bush....

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I am truely a slacker...lets hope I can get better

I have been soo bad at writing....I really will try to work on that. SOOO much has been happening. Qyanna had a group birthday party. There are three babies that were all born in April, so on the last Friday of April the lady that watches Qyanna had a group birthday party. They kids all had a good time.
Here are the birthday kidos...Qyanna, Conner, and Oakley.

Here is the cake...cute huh?

And the damage that was done...not to bad for 3 babies.

Well today Luke got on his way home to Salem. He is going to pick up our truck and his son and drive back up here. He is going to spend two weeks or so with his family, then drive to Houston to help a friend move her things up here. Then the two of them will drive up to Anchorage together. Overall Luke will be gone for about a month. So I am single mommying it for that time.

And I am doing Extended School Year, so I am still teaching. ESY is three weeks working with our intensive students. So far I have one week down and two weeks to go. It hasn't been to bad.

I am slowly starting on packing the apartment. I have watched a lot of our things get sold and walk out the door. It is sad, but yet happy....I don't have to pack those items, so it saves me space and money in shipping. Qyanna and I will be moving into our summer apartment on June 2. We found a small place in Anchorage until we can get into our house in August. There was a lady I found on Craigslist who needed someone to stay in her apartment and take care of her cat for the summer. So it was perfect fit for us to take care of it for her! It just means that I have to be in Anchorage a few weeks earlier that I was originally planning, but such is life. I am very much looking forward to moving.

Qyanna is not walking on her own yet. But she is pulling herself up on EVERYTHING. She is walking if we hold her hands. She will be walking any day now. She does two things that are soo funny. She will walk on her knees, or she will crawl with her feet flat on the ground. Now some cute Qyanna pictures!!!!

She fell asleep eating her lunch....soo cute!

She worked herself into the pillow that way....I just had to take a picture.

She is hard at work trying how to mess up Mommy's laptop. We can't keep her away from our laptops.

As I had said early, I am now teaching extended school year. Up here we are out of school the first week of May. So it is summer here now....kinda. On the second to last day of school the third graders went sledding. We went down at a place called cemetery hill. The cemetery sits at the top of the hill and goes down into the lagoon, which is frozen solid still. It was fun and the kids had a blast.. I am going to miss this group of kids so much. I have been with them for three years. It is hard to believe that I have been with them for so long. They have grown up so much, and are such a wonderful class!

Up and down the hill they go.

My third graders on the last day of school.

Well I guess that is all for today. I will do more later.