Saturday, June 25, 2011

Highland Games = a very fun day

Today we drove up to Eagle River and went to the Scottish Highland Games. It was a fun day! They had booths set up in one area. Then they had the field events going on. They had weight toss, caber toss, hammer toss, and the rock throw. It was really fun to watch. There was also bagpipe bands playing, and dancers. They even set up an area where the kids could try the rock throw, caber toss, and the weight toss. So Jackson had fun doing that.

The weather today was kinda rainy, and cloudy and well glummy....It almost reminded me of the time I spent in Scotland and Ireland two years ago. The funny thing is yesterday was sunny and well.

While I was walking around the booths there was a vendor who was writing names or saying in the ancient Irish language. He was surprised when I told him that I did know about it. Then I told him about my soon to be stepfather, Chris who works at Dublinia as Olaf...the viking coin minter. This vendor was quite impressed. In fact the vendor was telling me that he was planning on going to Ireland this summer and was hoping to make it to Dublinia.

These are two pictures of the professionals doing the caber toss...He won the Caber Challenge...that was 20ft tall and 120 lb stick...It was soo cool to see.

This is video of the Caber Challenge....

Here is Jackson doing the kid games...

Jackson doing the caber toss.

Here is Jackson doing the weight toss.

Sir Jackson with his sword and shield

Jackson as a knight...
Qyanna as a lady

Luke with fairy princess Qyanna

Luke and the kids as we were watching the caber toss.

The kids and I watching the caber toss

This is one of the bag pipe bands that were performing....they were all soo good.

Irn Bru....yummy....
I first had Irn Bru when I was in Scotland two years is good stuff. I was so excited to see it there today and just had to get some.
Well I would guess you could say that I am an Alaska Transplant....I just loved the shirts...

Irish Alaskan....Yeah that would be Qyanna and I....

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