Sunday, July 10, 2011

Teddy Bear Picnic and new job and new lap top

So Tuesday Luke got a call to interview for a job driving shuttle for a hotel here in town. Wednesday he interviewed, they called him back a few hours later and told him that he got the job. Woot Woot. His first day was Thursday. Happy anniversary to us! So far he has enjoyed it. He has gotten to know the airport and the downtown area really well. I am so proud of him for getting a job. The Lord has really blessed us.

On Friday I got a new laptop. My old one was three and a half years old. It was slow and driving me crazy! So with some of my money from working summer school I got a new one. I love it! Luke has been having fun being my nerd herder (gotta love Chuck!) and getting my laptop up and going for me. I think all I have left at this point to move over is my music, and I have A LOT of music to move over.

This weekend Eagle River had its Bear Paw Festival. There was tons of activities. I went through the days activities and found a day that I thought the kids would like best. That day was Friday. They had a teddy bear picnic, chalk a paloza, carnival, and all kinds of kid friendly activities. So Friday morning I loaded up Qyanna and Pooh (who is her stuffed animal of choice when going somewhere), Jackson and Friend (I am not sure what Friend is, but Jackson loves him) and we drove up to the Teddy Bear Picnic. We register the bears, play with play-do, take the bears to the bear first aid to get band-aids, get faces painted. Then we ate hot dogs. Then Jackson made a veggie derby car for their lunch box derby. There was all kinds of fruit and veggies there to make cars out of. His car went 4 ft 3 in and ran straight down the track. The winner of the day's car went 12 ft, so we have room for improvement. Then we went and saw the fire truck, and the army training vehicle. Then I gave in and bought tickets for the carnival. Jackson had a blast going on the rides. Qyanna no so much....well she isn't old enough to ride anything. Then we came home....boy were the kids tired! But it was a fun day (and all of the activities linked with the picnic were free, how cool is that!)

Jackson just loved playing with the play-dough, Qyanna was more interested in her shoe...oh well...

She was mad because I made her hold her head still....oh well she looks cute.

Jackson got a cat

Jackson's veggie car


My Agent P.....yes yes I forgot the legs...but I can't draw I think I did good.

Jackson drew a rainbow.

On the army truck


be very afraid....

he loved this ride


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