Saturday, July 30, 2011

Busy busy busy...

We have been busy just living life. Luke has been working, and I have been on the job hunt myself. I was offered a job at the Arc of Anchorage. I was offered a job working in the student living center. I would work with the kids who go to school at the state school for the deaf. The hours would be the same as Luke's. This was a HUGE problem...finding child care that could watch the kids from 2 -11 pm. So I had to call the Arc and turn down the position. I have never turned down a job before. Well a few hours later I got a call back from the Arc and they offered me a new position working the a deaf young man, basically just helping him get through his day. This position will be during the day, so I can be home in the evenings with the kids while Luke is at work...much better hours. Woot woot! I also got an email from the principal of the school where we are going to be living saying that she may have a teaching position opening and would love to interview me if she does have an opening.

Also we found out that Jackson will be staying with us until at least Christmas! It will be wonderful to have him around.

We will be moving into the house on Monday! I cannot wait to get into it. It will be nice to get the house set up. Yesterday we went and bought beds and couches/chair for the house. We took the beds over to the house on Friday and we pick up the couches and chair on Monday. I will post pics of the house and everything once we get settled. The house is a three bedroom, 1.5 bath, living room and a den. So the kids will both have their own rooms. Which will be new for Qyanna. She has always shared a room with Luke and I.

Speaking of Qyanna...she is walking independently. One afternoon I look up and she is walking around the apartment not holding on to anything. Now she doesn't want to hold my hand outside, she wants to go on her own. So cute! Now its the running to keep up with her stage.

Now for the pictures....For the Relief Society activity this month we went on a hike at the Eagle River Nature Center. It was about 3/4 a mile and took us about an hour. It was nice. Then we went to the Anchorage Natural History Museum. Jackson enjoyed it. Then on Wednesday we went to Music in the Park. The kids had fun rocking out to the band. It was a group from the air force. They played a mix of music. It was a lot of fun! Plus we drove to the temple, because after living here for three year I had never seen it....go figure.
Look at that view...and I get to live here...

The Chugak beautiful.

I think the two of them just add to the beautiful view!

Beautiful huh?

The view from the observation deck.

Jackson at the Natural History Museum

Just getting ready for winter

That is what a musk ox  looks like?????

Qyanna enjoying the music

Both of enjoying the muic

The band...they were good!

The Anchorage, AK temple

Luke and Qyanna walking down the street together....sooo cute!!!!

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