Saturday, August 6, 2011

We are IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So the big news for the week is that we have moved into our house. It is wonderful! On top of it all I have unpacked and organized the house. We still need a few things for the house, but nothing that we can't live without.
This week I had an interview with Chugiak Elementary School. I really hope I hear back from them, if not I do have a job offer still from the Arc.
Luke's 32nd birthday was Friday. Since he had to work we celebrated on Thursday night when he was home. We made home made pizza and I made a pistachio cake. It was all very yummy.

Pictures for this week are of the house and Luke's birthday. 

Qyanna walking across the backroom....the room still needs carpet

Luke and mine room

Qyanna's room

Jackson's room

Living room view 1

Living room view 2


Dinning room...we still need a table

yummy cake....

I swear I couldn't get all three looking at ME at the same time....oh well

cutting his cake

Yummy yummy Daddy's birthday cake.

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  1. Very cool. It's nice to be in your own place, I know. Looks comfortable and warm - both important where you live! Congrats.