Sunday, December 30, 2012

Winter 2012

 I strongly believe that this has been a bipolar winter for Alaska. We have received very very little snow, especially compared to last year when we had a record breaking year of snow. We had a little snow of Halloween, but it was sooooo cold. We had a snowless Thanksgiving, and it was extremely cold. We did finally get some snow a few weeks before Christmas. Now it has been very warm over the past few days and it is melting and slushie...Who know what 2013 will bring...Now some pics. Luke took a lot of these on his phone.

The first snow back in Sept. it melted by that afternoon.
The first kinda big snow storm in Oct. It melted within a few days.
This was in Nov. WHERE IS THE SNOW????????
At least with all the frost it looks winterish
Finally snow!!! Qyanna couldn't wait to get out to play.

She had to check on all the bikes that have been in the side yard. She played for about an hour, come inside, then went back out for another hour.

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