Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Eve.....2012 into 2013

 Well I worked today, but when I got home we went out for pizza and picked up some movie snacks. Once at home, we watched Harry Potter. Between tonight and tomorrow we will watch all 8 movies. Looks like we will only make it through 2 tonight...oh well. The kids, our friend Bethany and I did play with sparklers around 9:00...that way Qyanna got to play before her bedtime. Here are some pictures for doing sparklers.

Back in August we moved into a new ward. There is this amazing Sunday School teacher, I love her lessons. One week she was talking about how she has given up making new year goals, but she picks a word, studies it, and brings it into her life. I thought about that and I really like it. So instead of making a list of goals that will never been done I am going to pick a work and work on that in my life for the year. For 2013 I pick the word Organize. I feel like my life is in chaos, so I hope by studying and being organization into my life I can feel less chaos.

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