Monday, December 24, 2012

Trip to Seward for Labor Day Weekend

Luke and I were talking and we figured we have gone north to Denali, we should go south to the peninsula. We booked a hotel in Seward and off we went. Below is a map to show kinda how far it is from where we live in Wasilla.

 The drive down is soooo pretty. It was September so a bit chilli, but sooo pretty with the water and the mountains on the other side.

A very sleepy traveler 

The diligent driver
 Once we got checked in we went out to eat and found a restaurant that had a lot of different options.

 The view from the hotel...we were just off the water. The big cruse ships park out here when coming in and out of Alaska. I love that I live in a place that people pay big bucks to come and see.

A few cute pictures of Qyanna out by the water...Good thing it was too cold for swimming or I think she would be in the water.

On Saturday we went to Kenai Fjords National Park...Exit Glacier in the park. It is a nice hike up to see the glacier.

Jackson getting his second Alaska Nation Parks Jr Ranger badge.

And him getting swarn in as a Jr Ranger

On the hike to see the glacier...aren't they cuties.

Guess what this is.....YES the glacier

This is how Qyanna did most of the hike...all but the last half mile when it was too rocky for the stroller.

Look how blue that ice is....

my sweet heart and me....with the glacier behind us
Luke and the kids in front of the glacier fed river. 
 Saturday afternoon after naps we walked along the tourist part of town.

On Sunday we went to the Seward Sea Life Center. They have all kinds of sea animals for the kids to explore with. It was a really neat place.

tanks where the kids can touch starfish and other small sea life


more puffins

She wanted to pet a puffin through the glass

sea lion

oooo look at the seals

jelly fish

And that was our trip....The kids had fun, the parents had was fun!

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