Monday, December 31, 2012

North Pole

Luke and I decided that since we don't know how much longer we are going to be in Alaska for, we wanted to take the kids to the North Pole to see Santa before it is too late. North Pole, Alaska is about 15 miles from Fairbanks. So we booked a hotel in Fairbanks, I took two days off work right after school would be out, and we prepared our trip. We head up on December 21 and were there through the 23. It was SOOOOO cold. I don't just mean Alaska cold, it was cold for us up here. It was -45 for a good part of the time there. Let's just say we didn't do much outside. Friday night we just got into the hotel, got pizza and went to bed. On Saturday, we got all bundled up and drove to see Santa. While walking down the hall Qyanna was singing, "Santa, Santa, HO HO HO!" It was really cute. We went to Santa's house. It is a really cute place. A room just of Christmas trees with ornaments, a room of kids things, a nativity, and Santa, the main room had Alaskan made item, and a room of clothing. While waiting for Santa we found The Night Before Christmas signed and dated by Santa. We just had to get it. When we were called to see Santa, Qyanna marched up to him like she knew exactly who he is and he was her friend. It was very cute. Both of the kids got to have some time talking to him. It was really neat. If it wasn't so cold we would have looked at the ice sculptures, but at 45 below, it just wasn't gonna happen. We stopped by the post office and mailed off our Christmas Cards, that way they had the North Pole stamp. We then at Pagoda. It is an excellent Chinese restaurant that Guy Fierra from Food Networks Diner, Drive In and Dives, came to. We then went back to the hotel for naps, then swimming. Who could bet swimming in the middle of winter in Alaska. Qyanna is a water duck. We got up on Sunday packed the car and off to home we went. It was a fun weekend. Now for the pictures. There are a lot!

The Night Before Christmas, Signed by Santa!

The Nativity....i think it is very coo they have it here....the real meaning of Christmas

Qyanna and Santa

Santa asked her, "Who is that?" "Jackson, my brother"

The two of them with Santa

Santa wanting to know what they want. Jackson wanted Skylander Giants, and Qyanna a baby doll.

Jackson and Santa

Santa sculpture

The emergency exit at the hotel pool....all frozen

sleeping on the drive there

On the drive to Fairbanks

 These are all pictures of the outside of Santa's House

LOOOK its Guy!!!

Qyanna's fortune....LOL

Chicken nuggets after is good
 On the drive home!

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