Saturday, April 2, 2011


So I have been bad at blogging the last few days....I can chalk it up to being busy with life...yeah that's it. So on Wed. I was at the bargaining table for the teacher's contract for the district I teach in. It was a rough day. That night I had dinner with the table team and went home to bed. Thurs a good friend of mine divorce was final so we went there to celebrate with her. We played a game of Apples to Apples. She had been wanting to play so we played. Friday night we stayed home and had a quiet night at home. We just read...I know boring...but it was a well needed night of boring. Luke was reading the Inner Circle. I had finished reading it and passed it on to him. It was the first Brad Meltzer book that we had read. Not bad...I think I might download more of his books. I have been reading the Hunger Games book. I am currently in the last of the three books. I LOVE them. I can't wait to find out what happens as I read them. In my opinion they should be make into movies....yes definitely movies. I am done with travel for a bit. I hope. Next week is state testing week, so I will be home to test my student here. Only 5 weeks of school left.

Luke and I have almost definitely decided that we are moving to Anchorage this summer. I will share more info as we get it. I have applications in with two of the districts there, and a friend has a house that might be able to rent. So all is looking good.

Tonight the plan is to have a nice quiet night at home again....I love quiet nights at home. :)

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