Monday, March 21, 2011


Today was different Monday for me. I didn't travel out to Kiana. Kiana is a village about 40 miles or so up river from Kotzebue. I fly up the once a week to work with a deaf student. The village has bout 300 people in it. It is up in the mountains, has trees, and it is where two rivers meet. It is beautiful there.
So today I got to work with my student here in Kotzebue. I love the days I get to work with him. I also worked today on planning a second trip to Anchorage with my 4 deaf students.

Today after school the was a celebration for John Baker. John Baker won the Iditarod this year. He is the first Native Alaskan to win the Iditarod in 35 years. So for up here that is a BIG deal. His daughter is in the class that I work with this how cool is that? :)

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