Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

We had a lovely Christmas!! I'll start with Christmas Eve. We drove into Anchorage and met up with a good friend of ours. We went to the mall and took pictures with Santa.
The kids and Santa
We then went over to the Anchorage Museum. The kids had a blast playing in the Imaginarium. They have a space for kids Qyanna's age to play with hands on toys. They have science experiments that Jackson just loves. We then took pictures in front of their Christmas tree. It is HUGE, and beautiful!
The family in front of the tree

Bethany, Luke, Qyanna and I....Jackson was taking the picture

Luke and Jackson

Luke and I

Qyanna....we couldnt get her to hold still


Jackson and Qyanna

The tree from the second floor
Qyanna was sooo tired she fell asleep in the car and was out for most of the evening. Poor thing. When we got home we made pizza, and watched Christmas movies. We made these yummy peppermint pattie cookies for Santa. The kids opened their Christmas PJs and got ready for bed and Santa come to come.
Christmas morning Jackson was up at 7, me at 7:30 Qyanna at 8:30. Then the challenge was getting Luke up. Once we got Luke up, we opened Christmas. The kids had fun. They got books, and movies. Jackson got a pocket remote control helicopter, and Qyanna got a doll, stroller and some bottles for her doll. Luke got a  massaging roll, and I got some kitchen things.

SANTA CAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The stockings

The kids in front of the tree

Jackson and his stocking

Qyanna and her stocking

The kids and their stockings

Jackson's books

Qyanna and her books

Jackson got Cars 2

Qyanna got Winnie the Pooh movie

Jackson and his helicopter

Qyanna pushing her stroller with her doll and pooh
The rest of the day was nice and quiet. Our friend Bethany came over. We had the nice big Christmas dinner, we played games, had pie, visited. It was nice.

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