Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ice Gallery, SNOW, and randomness

 Well I haven't updated for a while, so here are the most recent pictures.

Downtown Anchorage does a Ice Gallery every year. I went with some of the people I work with and got these pics of when they were carving them. I think it is very neat.

Train...and you can sit in it....

working on a truck

look at the detail

I am Minnie Mouse
We have been having record breaking about of snow this year. On January 12, we have 8 inches alone, and that was on top of 4 feet that had already fallen this year....Crazy huh? Here are some pictures from our house.

That is our first door....we dont use it, but look at that snow

This is where the trash can goes when its next to the house....The snow is taller than Qyanna

This is the path to our doorway....

Now for some random fun pictures.

The bubble section at the museum....that is a bubble the same height as me....sweet

Jackson and Qyanna watching TV together...sweetness

This is Qyanna dancing...she loves to dance!!

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