Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lots of fun stuff in the Anchorage area!!!!

Hi and hello all those out there. Well we have been doing well here. We have been enjoying the many things that come from living outside of bush Alaska. We took the kids to a park that is near by. Jackson had tons of fun playing with the kids. Also the equipment there is a rocket ship, so of course he loved it! Qyanna got to swing for the first time on a park swing...for the most part she likes it, as long as she doesn't go to high.

Jackson wanted a picture in front of the sign...cute huh?
and swinging...
and swinging!!!

We have been taking advantage of a $1 special that the movie theater has. It has selective G and PG movies for $1. It has been nice seeing them. We also have been going to the library for story time and checking out books...soo nice to be in a city again!!

We went camping last week too. It was fun...execpt that the night got a lot colder than we are used to. So I don't think any of us really slept well. Poor Jackson and Qyanna were shivering while we were packing up camp. We will go camping again, but we need to get some warmer sleeping items. We also had the hardest time getting the fire going...we at least had enough to cook hotdogs, and make smores.
Luke and the kids
Qyanna and I
and my youngest camper...the hat didn't stay on much longer than taking the picture...but it is a cute hat on her.

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