Sunday, September 25, 2011

New car, great talk, and random pictures

So this is a three part post....enjoy! 

 The BIG news is that we got a new (to us) car. It is a 95 Lincoln Towncar. It has a few small problem, but nothing that Luke can't fix. The weather is starting to get cold and it is hard for Luke to ride his motorcycle in the cold. So the car came at the perfect time!

Yesterday was the General Relief Society broadcast. I was unable to watch it when it first aired but I recorded it. So today I watched it, while Luke was working on the car. President Uchtdorf gave an amazing talk!!! Here are my notes from the talk plus a really sweet handout that a cousin found online! 
President Uchtdorf used a Forget Me Not flower to help us remember 5 important truths! 
1. Forget not to be patient with yourself
-We are not perfect and no one is perfect
-Becoming perfect is a long term goal
-be compassionate and patient with yourself 
-be thankful for small successes, they may be tiny to you, but God notices and they are not small to him
-the journey to perfection is long
2. Forget not the difference between good and foolish sacrifice 
-Ask yourself "Am I giving my time and energy to something that will progress me toward the kingdom of God?"
 3. Forget not to be happy now
-Find joy in simple things
-problems come when we put life on hold for the perfect ideal
-when you looking for the ideal you miss the blessing in front of you 
-don't forget the everyday moments
4.Forget not the whys of the gospel. 
-we can often overlook the why of the gospel
-we see the to do list of the gospel and often forget the whys
-the what and how make the way, but why makes it the holy act
5. Forget not that the Lord loves you
-you are not forgotten!
-He loves you, because you are his daughter
-you are destined for more than you think

All I can say is this talk is amazing! If you are LDS, even if you aren't you should find this talk and listen/read it. Amazing!!!!

And now the third section random pictures from the past few weeks. Some are from around the house, some are from a trip the family took to downtown, and the rest are from a hike I did with a person from work. Hope you enjoy!

I am so strong...look I'm lifting a heavy box!

Father and son working on the truck

She was so tired she just laid down with paciey and pooh

What?! I am hungry! When is dinner?

little bear

and big bear

getting ready to fly away

this is blueberry hill....soooo pretty

The valley and me

a moose just ahead of us on the trail

On the quaint little bridge

the bridge again

the city of Anchorage....well through the clouds

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