Sunday, August 26, 2012

Teddy Bear Picnic 2012

 Every year Eagle River does a Bear Paw Festival. Part of it is the Teddy Bear Picnic. The kids love it, so of course we went. All of the picnic is free. They bring their teddy bears, Jackson brought Friend, and Qyanna brought Pooh. The kids got their face painted, the bears got their boo boo fixed. Jackson ate gummy bears in whip topping, and the lunch box derby. Qyanna loved the toddler area. The Army brought a bunch of bouncing activities that the kids like. It was just a fun afternoon.

Jackson eating the gummy bears

The toddler area....She has soo much fun here.

working on his car

Ready to race!

I'm gonna make it through the course

swinging away

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