Thursday, June 7, 2012

Denali....Memorial Day Visit

Luke got a job working up in Denali. Cool huh?? He drives the shuttles for a rafting company. He drives the rafters to the river, watch make sure they make it ok to certain points, then picks them up when the run is over. He is up there for 5 days a week, then comes home for his two days off. We are missing him greatly! Just before Memorial Day, my car stopped working, so I needed the truck and Luke had it up there. So a friend drove the kids and I up to get the truck. We stopped and had lunch with Luke and walked around for the afternoon. Then we came back home. Our friend Leah went up with us too. She is visiting us from GA. We are going to go camping there in a few weeks. Here are the pictures from Memorial Day.

walking on of the short trails

holding hands....awww soo sweet

the family 

mom are we there yet

I want out of the car

Leah and Jackson at the sign

Alaska is sooo pretty 

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