Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween and Pumpkin Carving

Today is Halloween. It is also cold and snow, so I didn't take the kids trick or treating. But we did go to Trick or Treat Town in Anchorage on Saturday. The kids had fun getting candy there. Before we left to go I took pictures of the kids in their costumes. So cute!!!

Friday we carved pumpkins. The kids had sooo much fun! Here are the pictures from both.
drawing out the face

cleaning out of the pumpkin.....gross

you want me to put my hand where mommy????

hummm pumpkin guts...

cleaning up a bit

family fun

was this suppose to be fun????

Jackson and his pumpkin

the kids and their pumpkins


Darth Vader!

Darth Vader ready to fight
Darth Vader and Belle

Darth Vader ready to fight Belle???

Belle wants the light saber


Poor thing is teething....hands always in the mouth

Beautiful Belle

Trick or Treat Town with more Star Wars characters

my trick or treaters

scary ghost

Finally she held still long enough to get a picture

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